Whateverland has been granted funding from Swedish Arts Council

We are pleased to announce that Whateverland, in collaboration with scientists from Mid Sweden University, the Nordic Chamber Ensemble in Västernorrland, and Swedish artist Tove Berglund, has received funding from the Swedish Arts Council for a project titled "Stories of the Forest" (Swedish: "Skogens berättelser").

In this project, we will create an interactive soundscape where listeners can explore music, poetry, personal stories, and reflections about the forest. Through this audio experience, we aim to deepen understanding of the forest's complex nature and history. The project will be publicly available at Norra Berget in Sundsvall during spring 2024, coinciding with the city's 400th anniversary.

Visitors will access the soundscapes via an app developed by Whateverland. This tech solution enables an interactive and seamless sound walk, tailored for such settings to enhance empathy for the environment through artistic and scientific content. Through the soundscapes, we seek to amplify rarely heard stories about the forest's history in Västernorrland county, offering insights into the lives of those who depend on it. These perspectives include those of minority groups such as the Sámi, deeply rooted in the forest, and the forest Finns, a Finnish minority in the region.

Additionally, the project will present the forest through a scientific and biological lens, placing listeners at the heart of climate change and aiming to convey the physical impact of the sixth mass extinction. The soundscapes will feature voice narrations and music composed by Bernt Karsten Sannerud, sound designer at Whateverland, in collaboration with the Nordic Chamber Ensemble in Västernorrland County.

At Whateverland, we believe in interdisciplinary collaborations to create value for people, businesses, and society. This project exemplifies such collaboration, bringing together expertise in science, sound and music, technology, and art to generate meaningful impact.