Say hello to our client: 10ere

10ere was founded in 2019 by Isabelle Widmark and Stefan Bärlin. They offer sport organisations (but also other industries) an actionable direction forward in their sustainability work.

They are experts in helping organisations 1) identify priority areas and possibilities for sustainability efforts, 2) sustainability reporting for sports organisations, 3) reviewing sustainability information and how to create community involvement – I.e ensure that sponsorship strategies are in line with the company’s values ​​and overall sustainability strategies.

"By enlisting a third party, such as us at 10ere, you will get an important outside perspective on your business while increasing the transparency of what you do. With our help you also get a form of validation of your efforts, i.e. a confirmation that you prioritize the right things in your sustainability work or that your decisions are based on clear strategies for your business" – Isabelle Widmark.

How does we at Whateverland help them?

Our behavioral scientists are helping 10ere with research and insights regarding human behavior, engagement and decision making processes. We also help them with reviewing and analyzing existing sustainability information that companies communicate as well as helping them produce sustainability reports, by analyzing survey data and writing content.

"With the help of Whateverland, we gain expertise in psychology, human behavior and what aspects that influences people's thinking and decisions. Working with sustainability issues requires some change for many companies, which we humans are generally not so inclined to do. Therefore, it is invaluable for us to have behavioral science and behavioral design behind us, which can guide us in situations where we have to get people to absorb new messages or make changes in a business" – Isabelle Widmark.

Read more about 10ere on their website: